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Cala Ferriol, one of the secrets of the Costa Brava

In the heart of the Montgrí mountain range, just a short distance from our idyllic rural accommodation, Mas Darovie, lies a hidden paradise waiting to be discovered: Cala Ferriol. This seaside gem, far from the crowds and hustle and bustle, offers a unique and unforgettable beach experience for all visitors.


Cala Ferriol is located in the middle of an impressive natural landscape, surrounded by imposing cliffs and crystalline waters that invite you to swim and explore underwater.


Once in the cove, visitors will find a perfect place to relax and connect with nature. The peace and quiet of the place invites you to spread out your towel on the sand, listen to the sound of the waves and let yourself be carried away by the calm rhythm of the coast. Those with an adventurous soul can explore the boulders and small caves that punctuate the coastline, discovering secret nooks and crannies and breathtaking views.


For diving and snorkelling enthusiasts, the clear waters of Cala Ferriol offer a unique opportunity to explore the underwater treasures of the Costa Brava. With a rich marine life and fascinating rock formations, this cove promises an unforgettable underwater experience.


After a day of sun and sea in Cala Ferriol, there is nothing better than returning to Mas Darovie de Foixà to enjoy this rural house, perfect for a relaxing and unforgettable stay.


Cala Ferriol is undoubtedly an obligatory stop for all those who seek the purity of the Costa Brava and wish to explore the natural wonders of the region during your stay at Mas Darovie. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this hidden treasure of the Catalan coast.

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